Saturday, November 2, 2013

My Husband, My Provider

Ted's words came back to me from Heaven: "God gave us these resources and we are just stewards of what He's given. It's up to us to do our best with stewarding the duplexes, and it's up to Him to fill them."

That is what I've been trying to follow, though I had never planned on being a landlord. It was Ted's interest, his talent with people and mechanical things -- but definitely out of my comfort zone.

I've been stressed and praying much about these duplexes, both the properties and the people in them. I want to treat the families well and take care of the homes, but I want to be done with this job soon. The properties are for sale.

Being that they are on the market, it has scared away some prospective tenants as I diligently tried to fill a unit that had come open. I screened and interviewed several people, and the good ones seemed to go away after I told them I was hoping to sell soon. I was treating these people the way I would want to be treated, and they deserved to know.

After a busy week of squeezing in rental showings between all my other responsibilities, I was getting discouraged when, time after time, the background checks on prospective renters revealed numerous small claims court cases, evictions and unpaid bills. One prospect was more than an hour late for our appointment; first she ran out of gas, then got lost, got lost again, phoning me all along and telling me her GPS said she was only 6 minutes away...

I had already had a long day, but now I was waiting endlessly in an empty apartment with no furniture and no heat. I was cold, tired, hungry and had an imposing list of other to-do's. I knelt on the kitchen floor and prayed. "Lord, you own this. It's yours. You know who you want for a tenant. I trust you to bring who you want. I always had Ted to make decisions with. I really wish he were here now. He'd calm my emotions and have a plan, and I liked that all I had to do was support him in whatever way I could. He was wise and confident, strong and capable."

So is Jesus, I thought. He is my husband now and He will do those things for me. I can give my concerns over to Him (put them in His backpack) and walk alongside Him, trusting Him for the next steps. He is the one with the plan as I abide in Him and provide my support. The thought calmed and comforted me.

As I was finally leaving after this appointment (which had only gone further downhill quickly), I cried in frustration all the way home. But as I turned down my road, only 10 minutes after my desperate prayer, my cell phone was ringing. I received the call that would become my "ideal" trustworthy renter, coming from 200 miles away and not being bothered that I would be selling. He said he might even be interested in buying...!

Good Lord, you are so wonderful to me. You are in control of every detail and nothing is too hard for you. Just as you brought the ideal renter, I know you can bring the ideal buyer(s). My eyes are on you and what you will do. My total trust is in you, my loving husband and provider of all my needs.


  1. More blessings await you my dear. I had a similar crises on Tuesday and The Lord worked everything out I didn't think could ever happen the way he chose to be there for me once again. God is good and we are blessed.

  2. Thanks for sharing those encouraging words. Yes, God is all good!

  3. He is SO able ...isn't He.?
    Marilyn, my heart goes out to you as you "provide your support" to Him.
    Following God's plan for us is work. But it is so comforting to know
    (and be amazed by) His awesome presence and involvement in our lives and trials. I am praying for you! Just 2 days ago God averted a rear-end crash for me --- saving me from someone who almost hit me from behind and at the very last second veered off the road to "miss" me..... How many times God provides protection for us in this life. Thank you Father God. Thank you Jesus.
    He is an amazing and awesome God.

    The coffee and/or tea is on when you want to enjoy some.

    love you, vic