Saturday, November 22, 2014

Love Letters Keep Us Close

The year before Ted and I were married, we emailed each other on a daily basis with observations of the book we were reading together. Oh, how I looked forward to getting his email each day -- just as he eagerly anticipated mine! 

First, we read "Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren, then decided to go through books of the Bible in the same way. In the fall of 2003, we read the Psalms together, had categorized them and were preparing to teach a study to a group of friends. 

I loved collaborating on these projects with him! In reading each others' emails, we found out how much we thought alike, yet each of us brought new ideas that would make our study better together.

Of course, every email included endearments and plans for seeing each other soon. These love letters sustained us until we could be together in person. They fed our spirits, gave our days purpose and meaning. Often, we would mention specific prayers over concerns in our lives at that time.

These emails were such a blessing then -- for both of us. 

But what I did not know is what a blessing they would become for me now and for years to come! With my sweet husband in Heaven now, this is such a delight for me to reread our early love letters and be reminded of his deep affections for me, his character in daily life, his great love for God and His Word, and his commitment to me and our family. What a provision of God these letters are. How happy I am that they were preserved!

Just as Ted's love letters keep me feeling close to my husband (until we meet again someday), I am reminded how reading God's Word gives me great intimacy with my Lord. How blessed I am that He has provided His Love Letters in the form of the Bible. Reading it gives my life purpose and meaning and direction. It reminds me of His great character, His unfailing love, His amazing grace and His faithful promises -- until we are together in person! How very blessed I am that God's Love Letters were preserved!

Thank you, God, for your awesome provisions. I am so blessed that you gave me Ted and his love letters. And, I feel privileged to have a Bible to read. I am thrilled to be reminded of your love, which you made so accessible. I love those frequent reminders of your love. I love you.

What sweet thing did you read in His Love Letters today?