Monday, November 15, 2010

Inspiring Greater Devotion

Finally, I will break the long silence necessitated by a computer that eventually grinded to a halt. I'm back online now... for the moment... and I have missed you so much!

I have a quick thought to blog amidst the other demands of life right now.

I invite you to take a look at the November issue of Voice of the Martyrs online; if you watch the first video, you'll see four poignanat stories of people wholeheartedly devoted to God. I'm impressed to tears by their great love.

I'm also remembering the 200,000 new believers in Haiti still living in horrid conditions – tent cities and rubble, with cholera spreading and now drying out from another storm. When will it end? But they keep their eyes on the Lord. What devotion!

We need that kind of devotion.

Oh Lord, our own distractions are many in the American culture. While others read a Bible with great hunger and memorize whole chapters, mine may lay for long hours with only my good intentions. The busier our lives become, the MORE we need your great Word to shape us! Help me. Help us. Draw us to a deeper love for You.