Saturday, June 21, 2014

Abiding in Abundance

I haven't blogged here since March, but I haven't given it up! I've (very happily) begun blogging for my church, sometimes revisiting things I've already posted here.

Mostly, my reason for silence on this site has been that I am immersed in a new endeavor... I have always and forever wanted to write a book, and I'm believing the time is now to get it written!

My theme (possibly title) is "Abiding in Abundance." It is about learning to abide in Jesus, trust in Him at the deepest levels through everything life throws at me. It is about the never-changing, never-failing love He lavishes on us through all circumstances, and how He provides just what we need at exactly the time we need it. (I have many personal examples that I would love to share.)

I will share how God gave me the most wonderful gift I could ever ask for when he laced Ted's life together with mine. Now, a year after losing my sweet husband to cancer, I'm writing about the tremendous blessing and divine provision he has been in my life. I have the richest memories to last a lifetime.

We had wonderful companionship, adventure, mystery and romance. Our marriage was founded on our faith, enriched by attentiveness, grace, sacrifice and obedience. We embraced each others' children, blending our families quite successfully and enjoying the uniqueness of every one. By keeping a margin in our lives to listen and respond to God's guidance, we grew together and persevered through struggles, especially navigating Ted's illness. (He had cancer for 12 years.)

My life with Ted was abundantly full of joy, gratitude and adventure. But my life didn't end when his did, so I know God has a purpose for me here. As I lean on Him in the healing process and explore "where do I go from here," I'm writing of God's wonderful provisions I still see on a daily basis, through the valley and out the other side.

Through it all, I see how God has been teaching me I can be joyful while I wait in faith for long-offered prayers to be answered. I can be joyful in the wait to be reunited with Ted someday in Heaven.

Because Jesus came that we may have life, and have it more abundantly. (John 10:10)

Lord, every precious and perfect gift comes from you. (James 1: 17) Allow me to share our story in a way that inspires and nurtures others in their faith and relationships. Would you bless my writing and enable me to devote the time to attention it needs? Guide me to its completion -- whenever that will be -- but in your perfect timing, in Jesus' name. Amen