Saturday, January 28, 2017

Called to BE

I call out to God in a busy place. I’ve got many plates in the air that I’m trying to keep spinning. I’m hurried and busy and stressed with wanting to get things done. The more I get done, the better I’ll feel, right?

Oh, that is my wrong way of thinking. I’m somehow trying to carry the burdens of the world (or at least the world around me) on my shoulders. Trying to think it all depends on me. How arrogant is that? Yes, I can have an impact, but apart from Him I can do nothing. He is the Vine and I am the branch that is dependent on Him, and not the other way around. When I abide in Him, I surrender that He is God and I am listening. Then the answers come more quickly, the peace comes more fully and the world around me is impacted more effectively.

The truth is I need to take time to just BE. I have so much to do but I am called to BE. I need to soak in God’s goodness, and in the fullness of His light I will see how to connect the pieces of life that fit together.

As I look outside, I see winter. Today I see quiet grey skies, a small blanket of snow, bare branches and quiet. A sleeping earth, receiving rest and replenishment. In the Midwest, we see a longer span of this. Is it because we work hard and need more rest, or does the longer rest produce our great Midwestern work ethic?

Nature reminds us that rest is good and quiet is good. God rested on the Sabbath and I will too. He built in a time for rest, reflection, recreation and replenishment. 

God, I will rest in knowing that you will provide all that I need for each day. You’ll guide me in the right priorities when I take time to abide in you. Thank you, God.