Wednesday, June 12, 2013

10 Ways He Said "I Love You"

Ten years ago today, my sweetheart proposed to me on the top of Casa Loma in Toronto. Our time together was short, but we loved each other well. Now he has gone on to be with the Lord, and I want to share just 10 of the many ways he showed his love for me in the "daily stuff":
  1. He always had a bright smile to greet me when he opened his eyes in the morning. He made engaging eye contact that told me he loved me.
  2. He'd make me coffee and breakfast each weekday morning, since his day started later than mine. He liked making homemade "egg mc muffins" or making that small plate colorful with fruit slices.
  3. When I got dressed for my work day, he always made some positive comment about how I looked or what I was wearing. He loved variety.
  4. As he’d walk me out to the car, he'd talk about whatever plans we had for the evening, referring to them as dates (baseball dates, hockey dates, bible study dates…).
  5. He always opened the door for me – car doors and the doors to buildings. Our friends would tease him, “Ted, you’re making me look bad.” Once in the grocery store parking lot, a man commented from his truck, “Hey dude. It’s great to see that chivalry is not dead!”
  6. He'd often phone once during the day, and count the hours till we would be together again. He would linger on the goodbyes, telling me sweet things when he hung up the phone. Sometimes it would embarrass me because my peers at work were listening. How silly of me was that?
  7. He'd fill up my car with gas, whenever it got low. I never had to think about it.
  8. When thanking God for the evening meal, he’d also thank Him for bringing us back together safely.
  9. As he watched the nightly news (or a favorite hockey team), he’d tell me to come and sit close by him. He really enjoyed the side-by-side time... and so did I.
  10. If he wanted to stay up late to watch sports, he’d come and pray with me as I went to bed, and tuck me in -- and always kiss me goodnight.

Was this fairy tale real? Oh yes! He was a sweet man who actually did all these things – on a regular basis – and a whole lot more. What a gem I had. I will love him forever.

Thank you, God, for the wonderful man you gave me and the time we had together. He reflected your love and grace and helped me know you more.



  1. Marilyn This is beautiful. What a wonderful man of God. :)

  2. I second that.

  3. What a wonderful way to honor the man you loved -- and continue to love -- on your anniversary. Thank you for reminding us all to cherish the "small" moments, as they may also be the most meaningful. Sending hugs your way.

    - Rachel

  4. OH Marilyn those are beautifully sweet precious memories. I especially love brought tears to my eyes. Hugs to you girlfriend!