Saturday, November 7, 2015

Trusted Consultant

After working diligently on writing the book that has been on my heart, I have been exploring the completely new-to-me (exciting, but daunting) next steps of committing this project to print. I've consulted publishers in Nashville, TN, and Lynchburg, VA; talked with authors near and far, and networked with others who have published their projects.

This morning a revelation came to me from 2 Kings 1. King Ahaziah sent messengers to a far off land to consult another god with an important question regarding his future. But on the way, the messengers were intercepted by the word of God through the prophet Elijah, asking,

"Is it because there is no god in Israel that you are going off to consult this far off god?"

The repetition (3x) in the chapter reinforced the message for me. God, I want to be sure that I am seeking you first -- not looking to any other source or opinion, near or far!

The consulting and networking have not been wasted, of course, because I'm continually learning new things. But I realize that the "expert" is not always from out of town, as we so often are inclined to believe.

I realized, too, I have long seen my "worth" through the lenses of others -- first my family, then others significant in my life, and now I have been seeing myself through the eyes of "experts" who have critiqued my work. I have likely placed too high of value on others' affirmations to take these important steps, rather than trusting myself and relying on my inner voice.

But my worth, value, and the perspective that ultimately matters is from GOD! I am made in His image and He is the Expert on my life. Through abiding in Him, I draw on that expertise!

His is the opinion that matters high above any others. I need to trust God and take the next step in faith. I am His beloved and He will guide me. He has put brilliant resources all around me and is opening my eyes to seeing the provisions and gifts that are near -- not somewhere far off.

His expertise is within me and I can hear it when I take the time to listen.

Loving Father, you're a good, good Father, and I am loved by you. You will finish the good work you have begun. You will counsel me and show me the way to go. Thank you, Lord. Your love and provisions are all around.

What question in your life should you be bringing to God for His wisdom, rather than seeking a distant opinion?