Book: Life, Love and Loss

How to get it:

1. Ask me about it. (My favorite option!) I always have some with me and I can also mail it out.

Lighthouse Christian Books, 2781 South Oneida St., Green Bay.

Bosse's News Depot, 220 Cherry St.,Green Bay.

Cathedral Books, 131 S. Madison St., Green Bay

Beans & Books, 1235 E. Green Bay St., Shawano, WI.

Price is $14.99.

Reflection questions at the end of daily readings inspire conversation.
Life, Love and Loss has been used in book clubs, study groups, to stimulate journaling, and as a devotional for couples. It makes a great inspirational gift for an engaged couple (sweet love story and God-honoring marriage), someone who is facing difficult circumstances (like cancer/illness), or as encouragement to someone who has lost a loved one. Most of all, it is for anyone who wants to experience God's unfailing love in the daily stuff.

What readers are saying about Life, Love and Loss:

"I have read many books in my lifetime, but few have touched me the way that Life, Love and Loss did. The messages and meaning I gleaned while traveling along Marilyn’s journey stuck with me long after the last page was turned. Absolutely everyone will enjoy reading her story, written in beautiful prose and easy-to-digest chapters, but those who will get the most from the book are those who take the time to think deeply about what she tells her readers and how it can apply to their own lives. Her words simultaneously inspired me to me ask myself some hard questions and taught me how to find beauty and peace in places I didn’t think to look. I’ve shared Marilyn’s book with two friends who are at different places in their lives, which just goes to show that the themes resonate with people no matter what season of life they are currently in. Thank you, Marilyn, for sharing your gift of language and inspiration with us!" -- Erin

"Sometimes life just seems to be filled with the mechanical functions of living, sprinkled with a few precious moments of joy. I was blessed to be brought into the adventure you shared and receive such a beautiful message of love, faithfulness, hope and endurance under the toughest of circumstance. The love you shared with your husband is rare, I don't know that I have ever heard of such an intimate spiritual closeness as you shared in the pages of your book. Your words are an inspiration to abide and walk more intimately with our Lord and Savior and bathe in the richness of His blessing. Thank you for putting your thoughts into words to share so that others would receive the message."
-- Laura

"This is a wonderful and inspiring story of the bond between husband and wife and the profound effect of God's love and power on their faith through both great and trying times. I like that it is set up as a 90-day devotional with things to think about each day (although I read the entire book in 3 days). I couldn't put it down; it kept me wanting to read more. Now I'm looking forward to your next book!" -- Linda
"I finished your book in 5 days and spent much of that time in tears! It was a good, interesting story. Your writing is beautiful and put beautiful pictures in my mind. Thanks for letting me read your words." -- Maggie

"Marilyn: This is a wonderful love story. It has meaning at so many levels that I had to read it slowly and reflect on each page as I went. Thank you for sharing it with us." -- Jim

"It's been a lovely experience for me to share this with you. I want you to know that reading your story and the Bible verses has been a real help to me. I have many health problems but I agree that a positive attitude and belief in God are an immeasurable support. Your words on perseverance especially hit home and have been so inspirational to me. I like that you've written it in an easy-to-read devotional format. Life, Love and Loss kept me riveted from start to finish." -- Ginny

"I loved this book! It shows how important it is to be equally yoked in your faith and the wonderful marriage relationship that can be created by this. A great love story; very well written. I like it as a daily devotional, but I read it in a week. It really kept my attention. I have to share this with family and friends." -- Tom

"Very well done! Sure is a beautiful love story. I had tears while reading -- sometimes from the loss, sometimes from the great memories." -- Vickie

Promotional video 

A video produced by Green Bay Community Church shares why the author wrote the book.

Book Summary:

Life, Love and Loss is a first-person narrative—written as a 90-day devotional—that illustrates abiding in Jesus day by day, no matter what comes our way in life. The author shares how life united with Jesus became so much more than navigating life by her own agenda.

A sweet and adventurous love story unfolds as God orchestrated the details for Marilyn and Ted to find each other, get married, and discover happiness. Together with their family they were thriving and enjoying God’s abundant provisions, while growing the deeper roots of faith through life’s challenges. Eventually, a slow-growing cancer claimed Ted’s life in 2013.

The story continues as God’s lavish love guides Marilyn through the valley and in the journey ahead, carrying her in a peace she could not have known apart from finding fulfillment living “on the Vine.” Today she stands in His strength, experiencing abundant blessings that come not in spite of—but through—life’s trials.

Ultimately, the love story is not about Ted and Marilyn—it is about our Heavenly Father and His amazing provisions for those who love Him. This gripping real-life story will help others abide more fully in God’s love and grace, and experience His abundant blessings. It encourages couples to find more joy in their marriages, gives hope to those dealing with serious illness or loss, and positively illustrates the sweetness of walking with the Lord through it all.

Life, Love and Loss is a love story that will help the ordinary person experience the extraordinary love of God.

Author Bio:

As a lifelong lover of words, Marilyn Bazett-Jones has been deeply immersed in writing and editing numerous corporate, church, and nonprofit publications and newsletters. Marilyn loves photography, traveling, hiking, canoeing, wildlife, deep woods, rugged mountains, rushing waters, and the adventures of sharing her faith. She authored Life, Love and Loss to encourage others to live abundant and inspired lives. She has five children and five grandchildren, and makes her home in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

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