Monday, February 21, 2011

True Refreshing

On Friday, I was getting a little frazzled as I worked to pull a newsletter together under deadline. As editor, there was lots to be done... e-mails were flying, phones were ringing and there was a flurry of activity around me. This is what I love to do, but there were many details pulling me in many directions and I was feeling overwhelmed.

I was also eagerly anticipating speaking at a women's retreat that would begin after work. The theme of the weekend would be how God refreshes us like a well-watered garden in a sun-scorched land (Isaiah 58:11). I realized that if I were going to share a message of refreshment with the ladies, I needed to be authentic and recognize when I needed refreshing!

I hadn't even taken a break, so I slipped away to a conference room to get some quiet time and get my head together. I spent a few minutes surrendering to the Lord and listening for His wisdom. The focus of my talk was to encourage women to take a consistent quiet time with the Lord, to practice abiding in Him, to look to Him for wisdom, nourishment and refreshment, and to journal to remember what the Lord has done. I reviewed my notes and soon it was time to return to work. I felt a new peace and was glad I had made the time to go to Him for refreshing.

When I came back, my day certainly turned around. I was told about a raise I would be receiving...what timing! But the best was yet to come...

I went to retrieve a particular graphic from the iStock photos website. I logged in and punched in the 7-digit number of a specific roadsign graphic I needed for the newsletter. For a split second, I saw the graphic I was retrieving, but then the screen mysteriously redirected to another page...

The new screen was full of graphics and I marveled as I saw what they were... a girl washing at a faucet, raindrops gently falling, waterfalls, streams and more waterfalls, a video of a water droplet, more streams, a gushing spout, fresh tulips in the rain and … a bloom abiding on a vine!! I was exhilirated with each new treasure as I hovered my mouse to enlarge each photo or play each video one by one.

I have no idea how all these exciting graphics came back when the number I entered should have brought back only the one that was not-so-exciting. There was nothing in the search box. It wasn't until later that I noticed the keyword in the upper left said simply "source."

I saved a screenshot of how God blew me away with His display of love. He is the SOURCE of our REFRESHMENT. Be encouraged, all who read this. Go to Him for refreshment as often as you need it and know that He knows exactly what you need!

Oh Gracious God, my heart is so grateful for all You have done and continue to do. Let me never again ignore what You are so willing to give.