Sunday, December 30, 2012

Abiding Hits 100th Post

Woo-hoo! A new milestone, and I'm happy to be still blogging!

When I starting "Abiding," I wanted to record and share the "aha's" God blessed me with in my reflections, to hone my practice of writing, and to dialog with others who, like me, are learning daily what it means to surrender and be obedient in walking with the Lord through whatever life gives.

As I re-read my reflections, I see God's loving guidance preparing me for what I'm walking through today. I "connect the dots" on how He's orchestrating good things. Best of all, in blogging as in journaling, I have a record so that I don't forget all the wonderful insights He's revealed to me!

These are some of the posts that received the most attention (number of readers):
Joyful in the Wait (188) July 4, 2012. I'm impressed by a man who heard earth-shattering news and still he stood in awe of God, trusting Him to bring about His just and good plan. Even while all he saw was doom and gloom, he walked by faith and was joyful in the wait!
Wrapped in His Love (76) June 28, 2011. We were between a rock and a hard place with the choices we faced when Ted was in intensive care with a serious lung condition. But, despite the great trauma, we felt absolutely wrapped in God's love. 
A Whole New Level of Abiding (58) July 2, 2011. I sat helpless in the darkened room with only the hum and hiss of the machines and the constant activity outside Ted's room in ICU. That night I wrestled desperately to find that perfect peace again. 
Blessings for Obedience (53) March 27, 2011. On a road trip to Arkansas, I was amazed at all God promised His people if they would listen and obey. It's a great reminder and exciting to think about how He beats incredible odds!
The Aroma of Christ (43) January 16, 2011. Deadlines, expectations and other distractions had me believing I was accomplishing important work. But our real work is spreading the aroma of Christ.
Thank you God, for your unmistakable guidance and love through all of life. Teach me, each day, to more fully abide in you and walk by faith.

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