Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Choosing to Walk by Faith

Inevitably, something comes into my life that wants to draw every spare moment of my attention -- a concern that grows, a problem that consumes, a situation that overwhelms. “Oh God, I’m in WAY over my head,” I say.

The temptation is to want to fix it -- and fix it quickly -- to have peace and order again. So I roll it around and around in my brain, thinking of how I can resolve this issue and restore my life to its former comfort level. In reality, I’m reinforcing the negative as I stress over figuring it out.

I recognize this is an opportunity for the enemy to say, “You need to focus on this. This could go wrong or that could be coming down the road and you need to stay ahead of it. Be ready. It could get worse.”

All the while God is saying, “You’re not alone. I am with you always. I would never leave you or forget you. I have everything under control. Just look to me. This is not YOUR project, but an opportunity to let ME work through you. I am orchestrating everything together for good. Watch and see. I will provide what you need at the very time you need it. Keep your eyes on me.”

So, despite the emotions that sometimes get in my way, I choose to walk by faith, even in the shades of gray, in the waiting time when I don’t know how things will turn out. That’s what faith is after all -- trusting God implicitly, knowing that He knows best and His timing is best.

My job is to keep my attention focused on Him, listening for His direction on what my role is, and then being courageous and obedient in following the last thing I heard Him impress upon me. This is abiding in Jesus. It is where I need to be and where I need to stay. It is where I will bear fruit.

“I will walk by faith, even when I cannot see…”

Thank you, dear Lord, for your ever-present goodness, for your wisdom and sovereignty. There is nothing too difficult for you. Greater is He who is in me than He who is in the world. I have everything I need when I abide in you.

For more encouragement, listen to “Walk by Faith” by Jeremy Camp and “He is Greater” by Mercy Me.

Monday, October 13, 2014

An Exceptional Sky

My heart leaped for joy when I saw the sky yesterday. My first look in the morning was on the way to church. With a round moon still visible, great billows repeatedly criss-crossed the sky. Not only then, but all throughout the day as I whittled away at the yard work I admired this beautiful sky, painted with expressions of love.

To most, they look like the vapor trails left behind by soaring planes when the conditions are right in the atmosphere. But I have come to know them as quiet reassurances, or hugs and kisses from Ted.

Over these last seventeen months, I have found encouragement believing that if there were a way for Ted to communicate from Heaven to Earth, this would be fitting knowing how much he loved watching planes fly over. Does he now have special powers to paint the sky? This I don't know. But God knows the desire of my heart is to hear from Ted and I know God can arrange anything!

So many days I have rejoiced in seeing a crisp stripe cutting the sky in half, just when I needed to see one. Most days the vapor fades away instantly, so I feel blessed to see them at the most well-timed moments. But yesterday, the abundant, billowy trails lingered for a long time. It was the most exceptional and longest lasting display I have seen.

And why not? Yesterday was the 12-year anniversary of our first date. And Ted would NEVER miss any sort of anniversary! Love you, too, honey!!!

Thank you, God, for being so personal. We are still a cord of three and I am thrilled with your still small voice. Thank you for the quiet reassurances of your love and his.