Saturday, May 14, 2011

10 Sweet Ways to Say "I Love You"

Attentiveness is one of the things that make a great marriage, don't you think? Some of these are so simple you may have forgotten how powerful they are.
  1. Ask. Are you warm? cold? tired? hungry? Do you need anything while I'm up? These are questions that say I care. When I'm perplexed or distressed, my favorite question from Ted is, "What do you need from me?"
  2. Listen carefully and with full attention. Don't multi-task when you have an important conversation going on. Whatever it is, it can wait.
  3. Eye contact. Once in awhile Ted will let me babble on for paragraphs without any acknowledgement. When I look up to see if he's listening, he smiles as if he were waiting the whole time to look in my eyes. (oops!)
  4. Smile. I love to see the same sweet grin I saw when we were dating, and I'm sure he does, too!
  5. Primp. Some women touch up their makeup or their hair just before hubby comes home so that they always look their best. Sometimes I keep my dress clothes on from work until he gets home because I know he likes that. But looking good is not all on the outside...
  6. Attitude. What kind of attitude do you wear? Are you focusing on the positives or always finding something that's not quite right?
  7. Greet. Stop what you are doing and make it a priority to greet him when he returns. Tell him you are happy to see him and to be with him.
  8. Always kiss goodnight. (It's such good advice, they made a plaque with those words!)
  9. Gratitude. Watch for the good things and communicate your appreciation.
  10. Don't guess. What makes you feel loved? What makes him feel loved? It's not a bad idea to have this conversation!
This was another part of the marriage seminar I gave recently. Let's keep the conversation going. What would you add to this list? What are your best tips on being attentive to your love?

Dear God, thank you for this wonderful man that you gave me. I sure love him. Help me never to take him for granted. Fill me and refuel me and help me to love him well.

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