Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Turning Grumbling into Gratefulness

We just finished a small group study on the book of Exodus which has heightened my awareness about all we find to grumble about. Are we no different than the Israelites?

So I'm telling myself, "no more grumbling!" I'm listening to what's coming out of my mouth, and trying not to get snagged by negative conversations around me. Listen… there are many!

For example, I catch myself chiming in about the cold weather and shoveling snow. But really, I love living in Wisconsin and enjoying all four seasons! I might grumble about having too much to do. But I am so thankful for my full-time job, and for all those who ask for my time and attention. I might grumble about an ache or delay or a problem to solve. But truly I am thankful for my own problems, because there are always so many with much greater needs.

Challenge for the day: Listen to yourself and try to turn your grumbling into gratefulness.

Gracious God, forgive me for my grumbling. Open the eyes of my heart today to see all the reasons to praise You.

Share a comment on how you turned a grumble into a praise.

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