Thursday, February 23, 2012

Who Are You Listening To?

Snowy creek in my neighborhood.
In 1 Kings 12, the newly crowned and wet-behind-the-ears King Rehoboam consults the elders who had served his father Solomon. They confer and give him wisdom on the issue, but he’s not sure he likes their answer. He then asks his peers for a second opinion. He favors the answer of his pals – more money, more power for him – so he acts on their advice.

If you’re not familiar with the outcome, read the story of how that one decision led to the division of the kingdom, and ultimately to the demise of the nation of Israel. Heavy!

So, who do we listen to these days?

I had to ask myself if I am seeking wisdom from the best sources. Do I allow current thinking to shape my mind and influence my decisions? Do I “go with the flow,” pick the most popular answer or the one that seems easiest or somehow beneficial to me? Or am I making a conscious effort to explore the issue and its possibilities, get in the Word, study God’s wisdom and character, seek His Truth and listen for what God would want me to do?

Where else can we get solid counsel? As many admired leaders have shared, the secret to success is to surround yourself with wise and positive people. I would much rather take advice from someone whose wisdom is tried-and-true, or even someone who has failed and learned, than someone who has only grandiose ideas.

What kinds of media, television or online sources do we allow to creep into the sacred ground of our sound minds? Are we walking with authentic role models with character and integrity? Or are the personalities we are letting in dragging us down, slowing us in a quagmire, draining our energy?

I am inspired and strengthened by the positive, uplifting music, prayers and promotions of my favorite Christian radio station. I am encouraged by the praises and perseverance of authentic and thoughtful friends striving to make a difference. I am blessed by those who passionately pursue the heart of God in their daily living.

With the ubiquitous influence of today’s media streams threatening to mold our values, shall we borrow the words of our faith-filled ancestor Joshua: “Choose carefully whom you will serve. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!”

Lord, help me keep my ears tuned to you, my heart sensitive to your ways. Give me wisdom to navigate the distractions and to recognize wisdom and truth when I see it.

What’s your advice? How do you ensure you are getting godly counsel?

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