Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Set Apart

His roots set him apart.
I noticed the unusual tree right away. His knobby knees in the air, he appeared to be sitting on a rock at the edge of the trail -- a tree in "the thinker" pose in the middle of the Great Smoky Mountains.

I played with the personification awhile and wondered what trees would think about. Was he sitting there thinking of sending down deeper roots? Was he enjoying the view -- the beautiful ribbons of smoky blue-gray ridges stretching for miles in the distance? Was he taking a few moments to be still and listen to his Creator? Maybe he was longing for a weary hiker to join him on the rocks for lunch in the shelter of his shade.

I thought of this tree with tenacious roots that held him securely near the top of the ridge where the ferocious wind blows. His roots had sustained him through many storms. Obviously, they stretched deep enough to give him life. He was thriving here on the ridge near Clingman's Dome, the highest point on the Appalachian Trail. 

I first noticed this unusual tree because his exposed roots set him apart.

I hope to be known and recognized by my roots, too.

God, let my faith set me apart. My identity is in you and with strong roots I am connected to you, abiding in you, living on your strength instead of relying on my own. 

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