Sunday, October 7, 2012

Time for Big Faith

Big things are happening in our lives, and big things require big faith! Just when we thought the finish line was in sight from the last chemo treatment plan, we are standing at the onramp of another chemo marathon. So many risks, so many unknowns. We were shaken to the core.

But, God is in control, we know. I remember what He has already brought us through!

The Gospels are full of stories of those with big faith -- the centurion who trusted Jesus to heal with authority, the woman who touched the hem of His garment, the men who brought Jesus a paralyzed man on a mat. I read how He healed many, He cast out demons and calmed the waves. Sum it up, I said to myself. He's all powerful and He beats incredible odds!

But, He does require a big faith. The cost to follow Jesus can be great. We are asked to put aside our expectations, comforts and most of all -- our fears! We cannot cling to fear and walk with God at the same time. We cannot "hole up" in a secure place and wait things out. No, we must press on through the storm, step by step with Him... Abiding in the One who has power over all!

God, I see that if we look at the rocks in the road or the long road ahead, we will be overwhelmed. If we look at the wind and the waves, we start sinking. No, we must keep our eyes on you and follow you with a big faith. Strengthen our faith for this journey ahead.


  1. You have chosen the narrow road, and you will find strength and promise there, in any and all circumstances. Being in His arms is the only place to be. May many others be drawn to His light as you reflect it so strongly. Keep abiding!

  2. Hi Linda, great to hear from you! Thanks for your words of wisdom.