Saturday, August 10, 2013

Still Hearing from My Honey

Ted's memorial magnolia bush decided to bloom again!
One of the greatest treasures I have found is rereading the emails Ted and I wrote each other when we were dating. We'd decided on doing a particular Bible reading each day, then emailing each other our thoughts. If we'd get together that evening, we might talk more about what impressed us within that particular passage. Now it is such a blessing to not only have the details of watching our relationship bloom, but also our faith journey together!

Here are a few excerpts of our correspondence in 2003:

Ted 2/11: "I feel so much satisfaction, knowing you cherish our time in all the same ways. I love the beat of your heart with mine. Now I'm looking forward to the study tomorrow night, both for the content and because I'm in love with the leader and I love to watch her in action. I could go on but I'd rather '2 John 12' with you!"

Ted 2/14: "My heart is singing from your email and I have to just respond. I can't be silent. It gives just an inkling of how God's creation responds to Him: Let the heavens rejoice, let the earth be glad, let the sea resound..."

Marilyn 2/17: "Did you enjoy God's artwork this a.m.? The trees have at least an inch of frost on them. Every intricate little twig is glazed and dipped in sugar that sparkles in the sun... "

Ted 2/18: "Earth is not our final home; we were created for something much better. I do love life and if there's a much better -- oh what will it be like? We may not have our 'house,' but He has sure provided a spectacular tent for the interim."

Marilyn 2/28: "You are such a good example of putting relationships first. You are so attentive to me, always available, and it feels wonderful! What a great expression of love. It speakers louder than words, but I also love the many ways you put it in words. Thank you for loving me all the ways you do. I hope you know how much I appreciate and love you."

Ted 3/21: "I admire the commitment of your heart. You are a good example to me of a person who is devoted to God. We both have settled the Lord-issue. That makes everything else easier. Yes, I agree that our relationship doesn't feel like work...I love you for all that you are and everything about you."

Oh, how I long for those conversations to continue! And, in a way, they do. I have these beautiful emails until we got married (and did our Bible readings in person). Then, I have a host of loving cards with thoughtful handwritten notes inside.

God, you truly blessed me with this man! You are the giver of the most magnificent gifts. I trust you for all that I need every day. Step by step, abiding in Christ, I am connected to the life-giving Vine.

Take time to write a love note today!

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