Monday, December 19, 2016

The Spirit of Christmas

T raveling to be together or
H osting guests,
I ncluding those less fortunate in our preparations;
S erving, giving, doing for others.

W onderful spreads of special foods,
E ating, feasting, celebrating!

P reparing room to
R eflect
O n the Reason for the Season.
C arols and singing…
L ittle children anticipating…
A ngels announcing
I mportant news: holy birth of the long-awaited
M essiah.


E xtraordinary,
M agnificent,
M erciful God who loves us so much
A nd sent His only Son so that
N o one need perish. All He asks is that we
U nderstand His precious gift is free…
E ternity with Him,
L ife for all who believe.

I nspiring awe, impossible to keep quiet,
S haring the good news with all.

G od has come… in the form of a baby… and we’re
O verjoyed…
D o not fear.

W e will walk with Him, abide
I n Him,
T rust in
H im… for all we need.

U nlocking the mystery of all history… Jesus Christ has come,
S avior of the world!


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