Saturday, March 18, 2017

A father's love

Imagine all the best qualities you might see in fathers today...

  • A daddy who is playful with his children, who snuggles and cuddles them and takes time for them.
  • A father who is present in teaching his children to ride a bike, to skate, to read or to draw.
  • A papa who forgives quickly and offers feedback his child can handle.
  • A daddy who builds up his daughter with words, telling her she is beautiful and special and has a lot to offer the world.
  • A dad who asks his daughter how her day was, then tells her he is proud of how she handled herself.
  • A father who sits across the table over coffee and offers wisdom to his daughter's questions and concerns.
  • A daddy who gives eye contact, attention and affirmation.
  • A father who would talk to someone on his child's behalf, opening the door of opportunity for her.
  • A papa who scoops his daughter in his arms when she returns home from a weekend away.
  • A dad who respects others and quietly serves the needs he sees around him.

I have seen every one of these scenarios in the world around me and when I do, my heart is warmed. This list could go on and on... watch and see. These traits may not all be present in one man, but collectively, we know what fatherhood can be.

Whether or not we have these things with our own fathers, and whether or not our children have these things from their daddies -- these are the traits of loving dads and we know them when we see them. They bring security, peace and confidence. The child can feel loved, valued and treasured.

All the above describes our Father in Heaven. All of these traits were designed and are modeled by Him. This is the way God our Father loves each one of us. Soak in that. Can you believe it? Can you really receive it?

If we knew this with all our hearts, minds and souls, why would we ever doubt?

Our Father, loving Daddy, please reveal to me what my relationship with you could be like. What would you like me to know about you? Would you help me to hear your voice and to understand the way you see me? Fill me with joy and peace as I trust in you so that I may overflow with hope. (Romans 15:13)


  1. Definitely worth meditating on- Our God's perfect father love! (I love the picture!)

  2. Thank you. I'm trying to believe it with all I have.