Thursday, October 15, 2009

Where He Leads

About eight years ago, I was planning a Bible study with a friend. The study was all about learning to trust God at deeper levels. While we normally didn't talk about work, the time together had opened that door. He told me about a job opening at his company he thought I'd be suited for. I told him, "Thanks, but I am happy where I am."

I was loyal to my employer of 23 years, and planned to be a "lifer" there. It was a solid company and I had progressed through different jobs and really knew my way around. The work was interesting, the people were nice and it was comfortable. In fact, I was quite at home.

That's when these words distinctly popped into my head: "But...there comes a time to leave home."

I smiled. Yes, but it's scary uprooting everything and going to a new place! My life felt in upheaval in other areas (a recent move, teenagers going in different directions) but this seemed the one stable area! Shouldn't I hold on to the safe thing?

Plus, I had all kinds of loose ends leading up to a huge project that was culminating in the next few months. I couldn't possibly leave at a time like this!

Then these words: "But will you trust Me with everything?"

"Yes, Lord, with everything," I relented.

I turned in my application, made my way through a lengthy selection process, and slowly and surely, with each step of the way I received confirmation. While the anticipation grew, I struggled with leaving a large burden behind if I were to get this job and give my notice.

My friend offered, "Maybe God didn't plan for you to finish it. Moses led the Israelites 40 years through the desert but never did walk into the Promised Land with them. Are you willing to let it go? "

I decided I was, if need be.

But as it turned out, I was able to give a three-week notice when I was offered the new job. This allowed me to personally wrap up the project and accomplish what I had been planning for two years -- with two days to spare before beginning my new job.

What I could not have known while working in my secure job was that this new position would be a much better fit for me. It's a company where I have been able to use my talents more effectively, an environment where I love to go to work and a job that encourages me to grow. I've found wonderful new friends and mentors. I feel motivated and productive and passionate about my work. I have no regrets.

God had a wonderful opportunity in store for me but I would have never known it if I had been afraid to trust Him...with everything.

How about you? Is there something "safe" you are holding onto? Will you trust Him with everything?

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  1. I am enjoying your devotionals. In fact, I had to read them all. The hooked me and its past my bed time! I love them and especially the questions to make me ponder my walk, my God, my faith, ME! Thanks for sharing your gift!