Sunday, April 18, 2010

Blessed Beyond Belief

When God calls us, He equips us. It is not of our own doing, so that we do not swell with pride. It is for His glory and our growth. If we are ready to surrender to Him, He can do amazing things with ordinary people. God walks lovingly ahead of us as He calls us to each next step in His great plan.

Sometimes these priorities seem far from what we would choose for ourselves, so it becomes clear that it is God's hand at work. Public speaker, me??? Yet, when His Spirit tapped me last year, I felt an unmistakable energy to do what He was asking me to do. (And I know I would do it again in an instant!)

Saturday, I had the privilege and pleasure of sharing my passion for journaling at the Women's Breakaway with two classrooms of thoughtful listeners. I was one woman being vulnerable -- because God asked me to -- and I have already been blessed beyond belief for sharing my gifts.

In 2 Timothy 1, we learn that gifts are not given fully developed, but that they need to be "fanned into flame." If we use what He's given us, He'll give us more. God wants us to generously and lavishly use our gifts in the service of others. For He did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline. (2 Tim. 1:6-7 NIV)
  • The Greek word for power is "dunamis," from which we get the word "dynamite." It's the dynamite of the Holy Spirit. Look up the word and you'll find "abundance, mighty, wonderful work, miraculous." He personally empowers us to do His work!
  • Love is stressed all throughout Paul's letters to Timothy as the goal -- the real reason -- for any and all of the work they are doing.
  • And self-discipline (otherwise referred to as self control or having a "sound mind") is to be committed to making it happen.
When God has given us this kind of spirit, why do we listen to any other voice that tries to tell us we can't -- for whatever reason?!

What gifts do you have that need to be shared? What do you feel God is nudging you to do?

Don't be timid. Be encouraged! Take a step in faith and share your gifts. Fan them into flame. I know you will be blessed beyond belief.

Heavenly Father, I am amazed that you would use my gifts. I am so blessed to have the full backing of Your Holy Spirit in the path You have called me to. I am Yours. Show me the way.

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