Sunday, August 15, 2010

Our Journey Begins, Again

Three days ago, my husband began chemo treatments again. It came upon us quickly. I saw him wrestle three sleepless nights, trying to find comfort in any position -- bed, couch or recliner. He spent more time wandering than sleeping. And with no rest, he wasn't his jovial self. He barely had energy to talk or smile.

Thank God that the cancer (CLL) is a slow-growing type. Yet we were hoping not to be here again so soon, having just completed treatments in March of '09. This time, the doctor wants to approach it more aggressively to keep the cancer at bay a bit longer.

So our journey begins, again. We trust our doctor and his treatment plan, but more importantly, we trust God and all that He is doing in our lives. We press in to God, hold on tight and learn a new way of abiding in Him. He is all we need. We take things one day at a time and make the most of life every day. Isn't that the way we should always be living? Every day I have thanked God for this wonderful man, who is my best friend and the greatest blessing in my life. Now is my turn to be there for him.

Really, we're in no different place than many of you. We all have great needs to trust to Our Loving Father. We all have times we feel we are standing at the edge of a cliff, but lovingly invited to walk in faith. We don't know what's on the path ahead, but we can trust Him to walk it with us, direct us, guide our steps and provide what we need, in any situation. He must become greater, we must become less (John 3:30 NIV). We must trust more in His agenda than our own.

Whatever uncharted territory you are facing today, whether it be health-related, financial, relational or other...I pray that you would use this to allow God to become greater in your life.

Lord God, may Your strength be with each one calling out to You today. Thank you, Father, for You have blessed us with wonderful and supportive family and friends -- another sweet example of how You provide what we need. 

Give the doctors and health professionals wisdom and finesse tomorrow. May your peace and presence be with Ted. Give him a good tolerance for the surgical procedure and a brand new drug.

Thank you, dear ones, for your prayers. What can we pray about for you?


  1. Your strength and faith through the difficult times is so inspiring. My prayers are with you and Ted.

  2. I was thinking of you, Terry, during today's procedures. You are certainly one who knows -- how many hours you sat in that side chair. Thank you for your faith and prayers!

  3. Yes Dear friend, I will continue to pray for healing & peace for Ted, for strength & trust for you and for knowledge & discernment for the doctors and caregivers at the hospital. Hugs to you both! ~Bonnie~

  4. I logged in as a follower. I've not been on the computer much since May, but am settling into a Fall routine where perhaps I will have more time. I hope things went well with treatment. I enjoy your blog. I appreciate the prayers. I was reading about my cancer from a link a friend sent. Stage III and IV have a 80-90% mortality rate within 5 yrs. I'd listened to the dr about not looking at the Internet data when he diagnosed me as he said it would just bring me fear. When the friend sent me the info I thought it was something on living with it more positively.

    I had always known 75% got it back in 2 years and had accepted that. I now wrestle with the new piece of data. Need prayer to accept it.