Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Blessing Waiting to Emerge

Several months ago, I got a little handwritten note card from someone with whom I had lost touch over the years. She invited me to give her a call and to have lunch sometime.

It is always nice to be remembered by someone, and it made me smile. Nonetheless, it caught me at a busy time and I set the card aside.

Now, anyone with good manners would never approve of how long I procrastinated before making that one phone call. I had good intentions of making the call, but would move it from one stack of "to-do's" to another. I looked at the card every day -- can you believe it? -- for several months. What was I waiting for?

I have no idea why I made a little thing that could be so easy seem so hard. But, when I finally made the call, it wasn't difficult at all. We made plans and got together for a delightful lunch and sweet conversation. Not only did I reconnect with someone I had long ago admired, but now we have a richer connection as we found we are sisters in the Lord!

All those months I looked at that card as a "to-do" instead of a relationship "to be"! How could I have been so lax? The positive connection made me wonder how many other blessings I've been putting off or missing altogether.

Is there anything you've procrastinated about? Maybe it's time to move on it. There could be a blessing waiting to emerge.

Heavenly Father, thank you for the blessings of the people you put in our lives. Some for a reason, others for a season, some for forever! Thank you, especially, for my brother and sister believers. They're special indeed because we'll share eternity together.

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