Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Well-Manicured Life?

Yesterday was quite productive. We mowed the lawn and caught up on yard work, did some weeding, tilling and planting of daffodils. I vacuumed and washed our floors, washed our sheets and hung them in the fresh breeze to dry. I cleaned and cooked fresh vegetables, baked some rhubarb bars and attended to numerous details around the house.

It was satisfying to look back on all that had been accomplished. But, then I looked at all that is yet to be done. There are so many things that still beg my attention. Where do I begin? What is the best use of these few precious weekend hours?

As I sat in church this morning, I reflected on the work I expended so much time and energy accomplishing. It was satisfying and useful, but none of it is long-lasting. It will all have to be done again. The grass will grow, the weeds will too, the floors will get dirty and we will need to eat again.

So, I pondered, what is the best use of my time today? There is much more to be maintained, because God has been so good. We want to steward all He has given us. Especially the relationships He has blessed us with. We do not want to neglect a single one.

Just as I started to feel overwhelmed with the possibilities (or should I say responsibilities?), peace entered my mind as I realized the BEST use of my time is to surrender and give myself fully to Him, to stop trying to DO so much and to focus on BEing instead. To look to Him for my fulfillment -- because it is not found in any of these other things. I am to abide in Him and draw my refreshment, strength and direction from Him, to grow in His grace and live in His love.

Gracious Lord, I lift my eyes, once again, to you. I refocus on what's important -- giving control of every area of my life to you. I give you the gift of myself. Do with it what you desire of me.


  1. Is'nt it interesting we can do so much around the house and feel good BUT when we spend time with Jesus we are Blessed and Refreshed.