Monday, July 22, 2013

Walking by Faith

My heart is broken and so much of the fun, the flavor and the fizzle in my life is gone. Even with great people around me, this lost and empty feeling is here with me every day. Sometimes it takes a lot of energy to draw in breath. I wonder how I can ever feel okay again...

But I know it's early and the pain is still so raw. And I know the One who heals. I know where my hope and my help comes from (Ps. 121). With all the courage I can find, I put one foot in front of the other and walk by faith. Faith is not a feeling, it is an act of obedience. God is good and I'm sticking as close to Him as I can.

These words fit so well from The Hurt and the Healer, by Mercy Me:

So, here I am
what's left of me
Where glory meets my suffering...

I'm alive
Even though a part of me has died
You take this heart and breathe it back to life
I fall into your arms open wide
When the hurt and the Healer collide

sometimes I feel its all that I can do
Pain so deep that I can hardly move
Just keep my eyes completely fixed on You
Lord take hold and pull me through...

Dear Lord, I realize you have equipped me for this time. You have taught me so many ways to see what it's like to abide in you, to look to you for my every need -- physical, emotional, spiritual. You have given me sweet training in surrender. I will practice what you've been teaching me. I will walk by faith.


  1. Marilyn,
    I think of you often and pray you are finding some comfort in your Creator. I can't help but think that the depth of your grief is proportional to your love for Ted. Lean on those who want and can support you.
    Your in my prayers,

  2. Marilyn
    We are here for you.
    Praying you stay in Faith -Great is thy faithfulness.
    God willingly responds when we ask for His help. Fill up that backpack & take it to Him.

  3. Dear Marilyn,

    looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.
    how blessed we are to have you in our lives to walk and talk by faith with through the hills and valleys of this earthly life ... He lovingly gives us those with whom we can share our deepest hopes, trials, dreams, and memories with ... and how much more He is also there to strengthen and refresh us through it all.

    We sing praises to You Lord Jesus ... for being there with us on all our hikes; whether we travel the choppy waters edge, or meander in the glorious woods --- all which You have made --- we are grateful to You this day for your great unending love and care. No matter how hard we try Lord Jesus, how much more we come to know that YOU love us so much more.
    love ya, vic

  4. Marilyn,

    I continue to be inspired by your Faith walk. We, your audience, are fortunate to share in your journey. We are here for you too, whatever you need. I enjoy hearing how God continues to provide, at just the right time. My heart hurts for you in your loss and I continue to sense Ted's connectedness to you, although, he is with you in a different way now, the beauty of your relationship with him continues. God Bless. Geri