Sunday, July 31, 2016

Video on Life, Love and Loss

Life, Love and Loss was published just a little more than 100 days ago. Writing and publishing our story has opened many doors to wonderful conversations and blessings. I have a couple of book readings and signings scheduled, and my church produced a wonderful video to help spread the word about the book. (If you've already read it, you'll see photos from some of the adventures mentioned):

Every single day since its release, I've heard from someone who has read the book. I've received many comments on the sweet love story, the message of hope, and the vulnerability in sharing so deep.

Some readers devoured the story in less than a week, then read it again more slowly a second time. A few book-study groups are reading it together. Some readers are just getting through it as a 90-day devotional, appreciating the questions to ponder each day.

Every day I'm still amazed at what God has orchestrated. God knew that the process of writing, rewriting and rearranging was what I needed to progress through the grief. Examining the story at so many angles and sifting it carefully to re-tell it has been tremendously helpful. The healing continues as I talk with others who have immersed themselves in the pages.

Thank you, God, for more lavish provisions. Thank you for so many friends along the journey.

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