Monday, September 28, 2009

Not an Introvert

I won a ticket to the Beth Moore"Living Proof" Conference. I was so fired up! Then I was asked to volunteer...I said "yes, put me where you need me." They said, "In prayer."

The first evening was fantastic. It was so fulfilling to hear nearly 7,000 women raising their voices in worship together with Travis Cottrell and his worship team! Beth framed her talk around Psalm 37:4, "Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart." She is an excellent Bible teacher, and has a real gift for relating to a crowd as intimately as if she were having coffee in a small group.

Bright and early Saturday morning, we were excited to return for the second half of the program. "Do it Lord, that your glory may be seen...In these days that we're living now, let your Kingdom come, may your will be done," we sang with great hope. Beth covered every emotion known to women (and as we know, they are many!) and opened scripture in a way that shored up our faith.

She called women to come forward if they wished to pray with someone. As a prayer volunteer, I prayed with several women with varying burdens and cried with one of them, wishing and willing to let the Spirit flow through me and minister to these hurting women.

Hey...wait a minute. I had always thought I was an introvert. I wouldn't be comfortable in a close personal space with someone I just met! I'm not good with words...I wouldn't know what to pray with someone...on the spot!

But the Holy Spirit had obviously made it possible when I yielded to let Him lead. I let go of my inhibitions and did what He asked me to do. It's amazing that I did not think again about inhibitions. I was not conscious of being uncomfortable or stretched in any way.

Whenever I look back on the event I am so fulfilled. I know God had planned for me to be there (He gave me a ticket!). My energy level has soared ever since. "I am not an introvert," I realized, "when I get my energy from the Holy Spirit!"

Of course, I still have introverted tendencies. But I realized that if I am willing, the Holy Spirit can overcome those limitations and use me anyway. Oh, what a feeling!

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