Monday, September 21, 2009

Turning to the Light

As we were driving through western Wisconsin, we came upon field after field of sunflowers, their heads turned all in the same direction. My husband and I were reminded of that amazing little detail in creation -- how flowers turn toward the light, every one!

...but wait, it had been raining all morning and the sun had not shown its face. How did the sunflowers know to turn to the east if not drawn by the sun?

"That is a picture of faith," I said. Ted said it was "hope with confidence."

Just as the sun had risen in the east so many times before, it would appear again in the east, if it would appear at all.

We also have hope with confidence. We have God's Word and His promise that He will come again. We have the confidence from reading the scriptures. We are so blessed that God gave us the Bible and we don't have to rely on just oral tradition that could become distorted or lose its power over the years.

No, we have confidence and we keep our faces turned to Him while we wait in hope until He comes again.


  1. Good for you. I am so pleased you have taken this step. And what a good devotional for your first step--the reminder to look to the light for direction. I wanted to be your first post! I'm waiting for the next now.

  2. You Go Girl! God has given you this vehicle to write devotionals. Let HIS light shine through you. Awesome.

  3. And so it is. God gives direction to the very smallest cell of our bodies. He directs the birds where to fly for winter and the body to heal itself in illness. So it is with our faith. We must find our direction and confidence in His word and promise. Thank you for sharing your heart, faith and wisdom of God.