Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Full Armor of God

When the alarm sounds, I greet the new day with a joyful heart. I'm fortunate to be a morning person, but even my husband (who is not a morning person), enjoys our routine. After some light stretching to help us wake up, we are off to the sunroom to read the Word together. We talk about highlights of what we've read and then join in a quick prayer to sink our roots deeper.

As soon as my dog Nikki hears "Amen," she is hopping with anticipation for her favorite part of the day -- our walk. My faithful friend Beth and her dog Toby come out to meet us whether in light drizzle or deep snow, because we so enjoy encouraging one another with our faith stories.

Then, I'm listening to Christian radio on the 10-minute drive to work. When I log on my computer, I have an e-devotional waiting to greet me. My passwords themselves are reminders of spiritual inspirations. I'm blessed to have great people and interesting work, but if by chance I get derailed by lunchtime, I have another close friend who is eager to take a walk and share praises of what God is doing...

It occurred to me this morning as Ted and I read Ephesians 6, that all these treasured parts of my routine are like putting on the full armor of God. They help me stand firm, ready my feet to walk in truth and take up the shield of faith to extinguish any flaming arrows of the day.

What are you wearing today? Do you have your helmet and sword? Have a few minutes to add another layer of protection for the day? It's worth it!

Lord, thank you so much for blessing me with other believers in my daily routine. Thank you for the freedom to read your Word and to share our faith. Your armor will protect me if I take the time to put it on.

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