Sunday, January 17, 2010

Our Hearts are in Haiti

We sponsor these dear children through Compassion International. (See earlier post (Christmas Child). They live in Haiti, the poorest country in the Americas, so our lives our quite different from theirs. But it didn't take long to form a bond. They send us the most heart-warming letters and drawings.

I had just written to each of our kids again on Monday night, then heard of the terrible 7.0 magnitude earthquake on Tuesday. Thankfully, they should all be safe, as they are in projects in the north, near Cap Haitien, and in the south central -- a safe distance from the great tragedy near Port au Prince.

But more than 6,000 Compassion children were at the center of that chaos. Our hearts are in Haiti, with those who have lost so much, when they have so little to begin with. I have cried every day with new news of their plight. My heart breaks watching every grieving parent, every frightened child, and all that they are now enduring.

Yet, I am inspired and encouraged to see video of the Haitien people singing hymns together to stay strong. This is so like the people we have come to know through our correspondence. They have a solid faith that rises out of darkness. And I am encouraged to see so many Americans now wanting to help the people of Haiti.

As sponsors, we received a video update on Haiti from Compassion's CEO Wess Stafford. He began his ministry in Haiti 40 years ago and married his wife there. Compassion International is a truly worthy organization for anyone looking for a way they can help.

Oh, Lord Jesus, please give the comfort that only You can give!

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