Monday, March 15, 2010

Raise Your Hands

Are you fighting battles you still haven't won?

Maybe you are fighting to keep the faith on a still-unanswered prayer? A lost loved one? A rejection? A fear? An addiction? What can we do when we feel so alone and nothing seems to be working?

A few years ago, I was in this kind of spot, crying out to God as a mother. As I prayed, I was reminded of a story in Exodus 17. When the Amalekites attacked the Israelites at Rephidim, Joshua gathered some men to go and fight them. They were a tough enemy and it took a lot of determination and persistence. It required sticking to the strategy and trusting God.

Moses went up the hill and raised his hands to God. As long as his hands were raised, the Israelites were winning the battle. But as soon as he grew weary and let his arms down, the enemy advanced. So Aaron and Hur came to Moses, one on each side, and helped him hold his hands up until the enemy was defeated.

So, back to our own struggles. Let's raise our hands in prayer, surrendering our huge battles to the Lord. And when we are overwhelmed or too weary to do it alone, we need to reach out and ask our friends to help us keep our hands raised.

Praying for one another is powerful. Whose hands will you help hold up today?

Oh God, give us strength to hold tight to You. And one day we will say, "He has delivered me from all my troubles, and my eyes have looked in triumph on my foes." (Ps. 54:7 NIV)

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  1. The story of Moses on the hill was particularly inspiring to me Marilyn. As you know I recently had to reach out to friends for prayer and guidance and of course YOU were one of them. I thank you for your guidance, encouragement and for being in my corner. And thank you for helping hold my hands up! <><