Friday, June 10, 2011

Draw Me Away

Today I share with you a guest post; a devotional written by my friend, Barb Meacham. The beautiful photograph is one of her own, too!

Song of Songs 1:4 NASB
Draw me after you and let us run together!

Temptation has a loud voice, doesn’t it? It may start out as a whisper but given the chance will crescendo to a consuming roar. Recently I heard that familiar voice enticing me into another bout with temptation.

I used to think I could handle temptation, you know manage it. What a big mistake with an even bigger mess for an encore. Falling flat on my face is what it took to learn temptation is not something you play with. No wonder scripture tells us to flee it.  We need the Lord’s help. This takes surrender and dependence on him.

In Song of Songs 1:4 the maiden calls to her lover, ‘draw me after you – lets us run together!’ It’s an urgent cry to be drawn to a place of intimate communion with her loved one. He is the one she wants with all her heart. 

Jesus our Bridegroom-King delights in being our complete satisfaction. The longings of our heart are meant to be deeply satisfied in intimacy with him. It brings Him glory. When faced with temptation urgently cry out like the maiden, ‘Lord, draw me after you – let us run together!’ Not only is this beautiful love poetry but is the powerful Word of God, the Sword of the Spirit.

Who Jesus is in himself is the drawing power. He is an inexhaustible source of wonderful; a rich provision from the Father's loving heart. As the Holy Spirit reveals Jesus’ beauty and glorious perfections greater passions are awakened in us. Seeing his loveliness creates the continuous draw to run after him. When our hearts are captivated by Jesus, what the tempter baits his hook with loses its attraction. Temptation's alluring voice is drowned out by the magnificence of Christ.

Barb Meacham

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