Sunday, June 5, 2011

Stitched Together

When we visited our daughter recently in rural Iowa, we noticed a number of "barn quilts." A barn quilt is an 8'x8' piece of wood painted like a quilt square and mounted on the side of a barn. We learned these are seen throughout the Midwest, begun as a way to draw visitors (appealing to both men and women) to these communities. With the open farmlands, these art pieces can be seen and enjoyed for miles.

Each quilt square was interesting by itself, but the whole concept became more inviting and interesting as we spotted more and more different squares. They brought unity to the community. The idea had caught on and spread to other communities becoming "stitched" together. We took long drives and had fun counting how many quilt squares we could spot on any given drive.

It made me think of how different we all are, and when we give of ourselves, collectively, it's a beautiful thing. It's needed in a family, in a church community, on a team.

My daughter is grown and living away from me, and there are times I miss her so much. I long to strengthen our family connections and do day-to-day things with her the way I see other mothers and daughters doing locally. But our love has to stretch many miles.

We made the most of our limited time together realizing each memory we make is a stitch that makes us stronger, bonds us together. She still benefits from my influence and I thrive from connecting with her. We need each other. We're family, and our lives are forever woven together. Like a quilt, each square is unique and beautiful by itself, but when they are together, it becomes so much more!

God, thank you for the gift of a daughter. I love her so much. She's forever part of the fabric of my life. She's a joy and she is beautiful. Give me wisdom to encourage and support her in the ways she needs me in her adult life.

Love is patient, love is kind... It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. (1 Cor. 13:4-7)

Is there a "stitch" you can reach out and make today?


  1. There is a large number of barns in Shawano County displaying many different barn quilts. You can check them out on-line at :-)

  2. A large number, indeed -- how colorful! Thanks for sharing the link. It will be fun to spot some of these the next time we're driving in that area.